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[Dicen que Messi habla poco. Pero Messi deja que su juego hable por él, y su juego nos dice algo muy profundo sobre el fútbol y la vida. Mientras otros jugadores se tiran y caen, Messi se mantiene de pie a toda costa. Nos recuerda que no rendirse y enfrentarse a los retos es el camino a cosas grandiosas. Y luego de haberse convertido en uno de los más grandes jugadores de todos los tiempos, debe tener algo de razón.]

There’s a lot you might not know about insurance, but with JK Simmons voicing the Farmers Insurance “The More You Know” campaign (among others), you can know more!

Wil Wheaton has won a lot of awards, but more imporantly, he. loves. BEER. And, as a connoisseur of the fermented festivity refreshment, it figures that he’d be the spokesman for Newcastle!

It won’t take long for you to hear why Alan Dale was the spot-on choice for this campaign, with his bold, smooth, “guy who knows what he’s talking about” voice.

As someone we just instinctively feel we can trust, it’s no surprise that Craig T. Nelson is now the spokesman for Copperpoint Financial!

3) Craig T Nelson- COPPERPOINT Financial from Tony Molina Director-DP on Vimeo.

Andrew Dice Clay voices a very well-informed Hamster in the “Framily” campaign from Sprint!

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